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“This group is truly a 'mastermind' of traders all seeking the same ultimate goal, and providing a constant stream of good ideas and insights to pick from and utilise in my own process" - Anthony

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Trader Training Vault

Unlock access to 100's of hours of regularly updated on-demand tactical training content in the members dashboard.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Join our engaging live coaching calls. Get to know other traders. Learn new tactics, discover ways to grow and improve your trading.

“Traders Mastermind through accountability and trader’s psychology discussions has helped me overcome bad habits that I was struggling to overcome on my own. It has brought to my attention my blind spots on my approach to the market that it would have been impossible to discover them on my own.”
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Downloads, Tools & Software

Support your trading with our templates, guides, checklists, indicators and PDF downloads.

Find Your Trading Tribe

Join likeminded traders from across the globe

“A really great group; highly knowledgeable, supportive, and down-to-earth. No matter where you are on your trading journey, everyone there, including some very successful traders, takes time to empathise with the challenges you are facing and to offer valuable ways forward. You really feel you are roped together for the climb.”
– Jonathan

Meet The Traders

Experienced traders on hand in the calls and the community to help guide, support and encourage you.

Mark Holstead

Founder – US Indices & Stocks

Mindset, Price Action, Trading Discipline.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in active trading. Focused on price action trading strategies.

Peter Daniel

Forex Swing Trader

Forex, Swing Trading, Accountability, and Trading Plans.

A trader for over a decade Peter trades the higher timeframes and tells it like it is.

Imran Mohammed

Opening Range Breakout Trader

Opening range breakout strategy.

Imran has over 20yrs experience in trading the US and European Indices. Focusing solely on the open.

Hipolito Soto

Dow & Crude Oil Day Trader

Tape Reading, Price Action, Day Trading.

Hipolito trades futures and focuses on Dow and Crude.
A 12-year tape reading veteran Hipolito is an expert at reading short-term supply/demand imbalances.

“This is the positive environment I was looking for and most important of all it helped me create a strong sense of responsibility for my actions each time I enter the market which led me to study more , have a trading plan, be focused, follow the process and helped me understand that the way to push forward is be persistent and disciplined”

– Alexis

Why Join Us?

Hit Your Trading Goals Sooner

“I love the group. I’ve improved my trading hugely since joining and it’s great that there are traders about to talk to about anything. responses to questions or issues in the community are always quick and very useful”

– Kevin Duignan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traders Mastermind Premium?

Premium is our membership product.

Membership gives you access to the members dashboard with on demand training, coaching calls, tools, downloads and our supportive community.

Not ready for premium? 

Subscribe to the free daily email, checkout the blog or download one of our free tools like the discipline tracker.

Who is Traders Mastermind for?

If you are a serious trader committed to constant improvement, and longevity in the markets then this was made for you.
Access on demand advanced training,  software, download resources and join our group coaching calls. No signals, tips or copy trading nonsense…

I like the idea but I'm so busy I don't think I'll get time to use it fully

I understand, you’re juggling life, trying to trade and learn when you can. 
The trader training vault is an ‘on demand’ learning centre. Access the topics you want, when you like, where you like.

You are free to jump on  the coaching calls live, if and when you can. Camera on or off, doesn’t matter.

Can’t make the calls? No problem. They are all recorded and uploaded to your dashboard (usually the next day)


What will I actually learn?

I want you to develop the skills and mindset to become a consistent trader built on a solid foundation. Not making millions and then blowing it all in a bout of revenge trading!

Strong account growth, consistency, ability to weather drawdown and solid discipline is the goal.

What is the Trading Plan Pro software?

Trading Plan Pro is a new tool we’ve built to help you develop a trading plan that you’ll actually stick to!

What happens after I sign up?

Once you have completed checkout, you’ll automatically be able to create a username and password to access the members dashboard.

From there you can log in to see the training vault alongside the schedule and links for the next calls.

Do I need to be an experienced trader?

Most of our members have at least 1+ years of trading experience. So the calls and community are geared towards the intermediate and advanced trader rather than the beginner.

Do I need to learn a specific trading method?
No not at all. Members trade a varierty of instruments, timeframes and styles. We are not about creating trading clones of each other. You’ll be encouraged to explore your strengths and develop a trading methodology and skill set you can use for life. That said, we have resources to guide you and help you discover the right trading strategy for you.
How do I cancel if it's not for me?

I know it’s not for everyone, life gets in the way, and you’re taking a break from the markets. If you are on a monthly plan you can simply cancel at any time by following two simple steps in the cancel my membership section.

Cancelling is quick and easy, we don’t try and convince you to stay and welcome you back if you change your mind.
(No contracts or lock ins either)

Have more questions?

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email >