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“My own goal is not to become yet another mediocre trader, but rather a successful one with a professional mindset and consistent profitability.

I am moving toward this goal faster than ever, mainly because I have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience from talented traders in this community, with the unexpected benefit of having made some new friends”

– Gregor

What Is Traders Mastermind?

Traders Mastermind is a positive community of supportive and dedicated traders. 
Weekly live training, group coaching, a huge content vault and world class trading support.

Regular Coaching &
Training Calls

Trader Training Vault
& Community

“Traders Mastermind through accountability and trader’s psychology discussions has helped me overcome bad habits that I was struggling to overcome on my own. It has brought to my attention my blind spots on my approach to the market that it would have been impossible to discover them on my own.”

What Does Trading Consistency Mean For You?


Mark here.

What does trading consistency mean for you?

– More time doing the things you want to do in life?
– Hitting big financial goals?
– Or simply making money doing something that you love?

Maybe it’s all of these.

But as you know trading is tough…

It tests you emotionally and financially, and sometimes you just can’t help but think

“Can I do this?”
“Am I even cut out for this?”

You wonder why you can’t stick to your rules and why you’re still spinning your wheels after all this work…
Frustrated, at the lack of progess… 3 steps forward, 4 back…again.

Often we are sitting in our home office with just the charts and our thoughts for company, we wonder why we keep making the same mistakes again and again… Never quite making the leaps forward we know we are capable of.

It doesn’t need to be this hard, and you don’t need to face this battle alone.

Traders Mastermind is the level up you’ve been looking for.

I’ll give you all the support, resources, training and coaching you need to hit your trading goals. Let’s get you out of this trading rut and moving to the next level… quickly.

I’m here to help you succeed, bring out the best trader in you, and forge you into a confident, disciplined and consistent trader.

You’ll get regular coaching and training calls from me and other experienced traders.

These calls are like a regular check-in with other ambitious traders. A chance to learn, listen and improve. Get involved, just listen or catch the recording. You choose.

Learn, listen, earn & grow.

Having that consistent exposure to positive and experienced traders who want you to win will have a massive impact on your performance.

Then there’s our supportive members only community.

Free of negativity, trolls, and nonsense found in other public forums. Members say they finally feel at home, surrounded by likeminded supportive traders and often making lifelong friends.

Interacting with other traders going through the same feelings, emotions, and challenges as you, can be a game changer.

If you like what you see, and think that being a member will accelerate your trading journey, then join us. 

Good trading,


PS: We’re all traders here, I know this is a risk v reward decision for you on whether or not to join. So I’ve made it a risk-free trade! Come and try us out today, and if you don’t like it we (well my amazing support team actually) will refund you in full with a smile and welcome you back at any time if you change your mind.

“This is the positive environment I was looking for and most important of all it helped me create a strong sense of responsibility for my actions each time I enter the market which led me to study more , have a trading plan, be focused, follow the process and helped me understand that the way to push forward is be persistent and disciplined”

– Alexis

Meet The Traders

Experienced traders on hand in the calls and the community to help guide, support and encourage you.

Mark Holstead

Founder – US Indices & Stocks

Specialities: Mindset, Price Action, Trading Discipline.

Mark has over 20 years experience active trading.

Focused on price action trading strategies.

Also on YouTube!

Peter Daniel

Forex Swing Trader

Specialities: Forex, Swing Trading, Accountability, and Trading Plans.

A trader for over a decade Peter trades the higher timeframes and tells it like it is.

Peter gets results with tough love!

Hipolito Soto

Dow & Crude Oil Day Trader

Specialities: Tape Reading, Price Action, Day Trading.

Hipolito trades futures and focuses on Dow and Crude.

A 12 year tape reading veteran Hipolito is an expert at reading short term supply/demand imbalances.

“I love the group. I’ve improved my trading hugely since joining and it’s great that there are traders about to talk to about anything. responses to questions or issues in the community are always quick and very useful”

– Kevin Duignan

“I am grateful to all. The support is the best I have come across.”

– John Hollingdale

Reasons To Join Us

Mastermind Traders Achieve Their Trading Goals Sooner

“Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you”

Daniel's Testimonial

Simple and easy month to month billing, no contracts, cancel at any time at the click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the members area look like?

Take a look at the video we show new members. It gives you a good idea what’s inside!

Who Is Traders Mastermind For?

If you are a serious trader committed to constant improvement, outsized returns and longevity in the markets then Traders Mastermind was made for you.

We focus on mindset, discipline, attitude, accountability and pushing each other to become better.

I like the idea but I'm so busy I don't think I'll get time to use it fully

I understand, you’re working, juggling a family life, trying to get the gym, trying to trade and learn when you can! You are free to jump on calls live if and when you can. Camera on or off, doesn’t matter. Some guys log in from their phones via the Zoom app. Others never make a live call but catch up on the recordings when they can if it’s a topic that interests them.
Dip in and out once a month, once a day or once a quarter!
You only need a few valuable nuggets to pay for the years subscription…

I've been in trading communities before and wasn't impressed.

Me neither… this is definitely not a regular trading community. No one is bragging, no one is saying XYZ to the moon, no one is attacking someone less experienced than them. This is the most supportive and positive community online that you will ever come across. Don’t believe me? Try us risk free and judge for yourself!

How Will Traders Mastermind Benefit Me?

You’ll get live weekly interactions with Mark and other experienced traders on our Zoom calls and in the members area. Ask questions, get trading mindset tips, discover different approaches and methods, become part of a great community of likeminded traders.

Everything is designed to help you become a better trader with more focus, discipline and accountability.

What Will I Actually Learn?

Mindset tactics, discipline, growth, operational tactics, trading strategies… you name it we’ll cover it. We are all about becoming a successful trader for the long term. No making 7 figures and then blowing it all. Focused, dedicated effort towards becoming a better trader.
If you want to see some of the previous call topics, check out the trader training vault.

What Happens After I Sign Up?
Once you have completed checkout, you’ll automatically be able to create a username and password to access the members area. In the members area you can log in to see any prior calls recordings alongside the schedule and and links for the next calls.
What If I Can't Make The Traders Mastermind Live Calls?

Calls are recorded and uploaded to the members area which you can access at any time.

What is actually in each call?

Live calls are either a structured training, coaching, Q & A or a mixture of them all.

For example, our ‘Level Up’ call has a theme for the month and a specific training topic each week. So this one’s a mixture of training (Whether that’s how to become a more disciplined trader, tips to create a better trading plan, setups, strategies, routines, mindset) and then Q&A

You have the opportunity to join in via voice and camera or just listen.

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Trader?

Short answer: No, you don’t.

Longer answer: We have a good mix of traders with a variety of experience levels. I wouldn’t suggest joining if you haven’t even placed a trade yet (I don’t think you’d be here if that was you!) get some experience and then come back. 

But saying that we have people who have come to us still on demo needing the shove and support to get live, and at the same time we have people with decades of experience. 

We have traders who joined us a year ago struggling, turned things around and now have green years.

We have traders who made a load of money, lost it then realised they needed some support. Joined us and started making money again.

Traders starting full time looking to get together a robust plan and mindset.

It really is a big mix. The common denominator is a positive attitude, a burning desire to win long term and an optimistic outlook.

I can only recommend trying us out, leverage on the money back guarantee. If you hate it, you’ll get your money back. It really is an exceptional community.

How do I cancel if it's not for me?

We know it’s not for everyone, life gets in the way, you’re taking a break from the markets. Anything! You can simply cancel at any time by following two simple steps in the cancel my membership section. We make cancelling quick and easy, we don’t try and convince you to stay and welcome you back if you change your mind! 
(No contracts or lock ins either)

Have More Questions?

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email >

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