100% Effort But No Results

Redirecting Focus to the Most Important Facet

Working Hard

This one’s tough to swallow. We’re taught that if you work hard you’ll get results. Maybe that’s true in many endeavours, but trading’s not one of them.

Working hard is a given. A minimum.

Unless you get lucky (which generally isn’t sustainable) you need to put in some serious hard work. But many people work hard and get nowhere. I believe that’s because that effort is focused on the wrong area.

Why do I believe that?

Because I did it for too long.

  • What’s the best setup?
  • What indicator do I need?
  • And other shite

Pointless when I couldn’t stick to my rules…

Once you redirect that effort onto the ONE THING that you know matters the most, then you make progress.

Imagine you’re in a powerful car. A 700BHP monster. It devours almost anything else on the road. But you’re parked in a wet muddy field and no matter how much power you apply you are just spinning your wheels. You can burn through a tank of fuel and go nowhere. 

But if you just focus your effort on getting moving, just a tiny bit of traction to move the car a few feet, you get out of the field and onto the road. And then you can enjoy the power properly…

Do whatever you need to do to get out of the mud.