A Clean Slate

Mindset for Starting the Week Right

A Clean Slate

Here’s to a new week. You get a fresh start. A clean slate. A chance to get a perfect streak of behaviour and habits you want to build.

But hang on a second…

Be careful not to ‘big up’ Mondays too much. We can be so eager to get going and get some momentum, our eagerness causes us to take trades we promised ourselves we wouldn’t. And there’s nothing worse than starting the week off with good intentions only to break your rules before lunchtime.

Relax a little. Accept you may make a few errors this week. You don’t have to be perfect to do well in this game. Take the pressure off, the first trade doesn’t matter.

What matters is that on Friday afternoon you can look back at your performance regardless of P&L and say:

“I did what I said I would, it wasn’t perfect but it was good”

Do that each week and you’ll be a completely different trader by Christmas.

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