Aatu Kokkila - The Fund Manager Trading FX Mispricings Around News

A €32 Million Fund Manager's Insights

Most traders get smashed trading around the news.

The volatility, the unpredictable nature.

The urge to overtrade, break rules, and get sucked into trading any spiking 1-minute candle.

Well, that might be your average retail trader, but this man is not your average retail trader…

Meet Aatu Kokkila

A fund manager operating the largest Darwin on Darwinex.

  • Current size: €32m
  • Trading strategy: Trading around high-impact news events
  • Markets: Forex
  • How long: 9 years
  • Darwin return: 786.4%

Yep, this trader has carved out a unique edge trading mispricings around news events like NFP, BOE, ECB, etc.

He’s done what most traders can’t.

Trade FX short term around news events, in size, profitably for years.

Thanks to Darwinex, I had the pleasure of spending an hour talking to Aatu.

It was a super insightful conversation and the hour flew by…

We discussed:

  • The detailed research and preparation process he and his team conduct before each potential trade
  • His approach to risk management and scaling
  • The mindset required to perform at his very best
  • Recovering from equity curve stagnation and drawdown

And so much more…

Get rid of all distractions, sit down, and take notes, because this episode is special!

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Here’s the link > https://www.tradersmastermind.com/a-32-million-fund-managers-insights/

Enjoy it!

Aatu doesn’t do too many podcasts, so thanks to Darwinex for arranging. Check them out here and maybe you’ll be the next top-performing Darwin!