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Mark Holstead

Traders Mastermind was founded by me, Mark Holstead.

A trader since 2001.

To begin with my trading was like a car crash.

No strategy, awful mindset, poor discipline. I was destined to become just another statistic swallowed up by the market.

But I fell in love with trading. 

And with a lot of work, and a bit of luck I made it happen.

My first edge was trading mining shares on the London Stock Exchange.

I spotted an opportunity to trade the laggard in the sector.

It was a simple but decent edge…

When that stopped working (which felt like the world had stopped turning at the time) I moved to trading Crude Oil and Dow.

That’s when things really slotted into place…

Me at Pepperstone talks live event in London. Yes I’ve no idea why my jeans needed to be that tight…
I’ve worked with 
Pepperstone for several years and I recommend them as a good broker.

I’ve got boxes of journals like this.
I read the old ones from time to time for comedy value.
Paper Journals rock – I like this one Steve Ward designed

I traded these two markets exclusively for several years becoming proficient at trading price action, reading short-term order flow and spotting turning points in the market.

Going where the biggest edge lies is important.

As a trader, my job is to capitalise on supply/demand imbalances.

Wherever they might be.

Since then I’ve traded through bull markets, bear markets, flash crashes, credit crunches, recessions, and multiple bubbles.

And throughout that screen time, I’ve learned three things that I consider to be very important.

Whether you have 6 months or 6 decades of trading experience these three pillars will always hold true.

Get it right and you can enjoy the best job in the world!

Member Matt, Peter, Imran and Mark

How Traders Mastermind Started

For a while I had been creating trading videos for UK Spread Betting a YouTube channel that I helped grow to 383,000 subscribers and 67 million views.

(I’m pretty sure it’s the largest trading channel on YouTube in the UK, but I don’t know for sure. It must be top 3!)

Then in the thick of lockdowns and other nonsense I decided to start a trading community with a twist.

A place for intermediate and advanced traders to come and work on being the best trader they can be.

And so Traders Mastermind was born…

I’d like to say I had a master plan at the time, but I didn’t.

I just wanted to bring serious traders together, talk trading, share some of my market experience and see what happened.

It worked better than I could ever imagine. The quality of traders who joined was top tier.


Sharing my idea with Peter and Imran. Both now key parts of the team hosting coaching calls and supporting traders.

Peter doesn’t look that impressed in this pic does he!?

The Trader Mastermind journey so far

Speaking at Traders Day Live in London and a short interview with Jordon from Trade Delicious. (a cool guy from Oz)

I’m proud of what we’ve built.

I really look forward to the weekly coaching calls with members and the trader training vault is crammed with world-class trader education. (growing each week)

Most importantly I’m proud of our members and the part we’ve played in creating consistent and successful traders.

If you like what you see and think that sounds like your kind of crowd then take a look around. 

I’ve got a trading podcast you can listen to, a growing library of free trading resources like the trading strategies page and how to create a trading plan.

I write a daily email too.

A free email I send out each morning at 7.30am to help you cultivate discipline, momentum and consistency.

When you are ready, have a look at what I offer with premium membership.

You’ll see we are very different too many other ‘trading communities’ out there, and I guarantee you’ll be made to feel very welcome.

Hope to see you on our weekly traders call some day.

Good trading,

Last years Traders Mastermind meet up.
Was great to shake hands with so many traders I’d been Zooming with for months.

Trading Plan Pro – The custom trading strategy and plan software I had built.

Mark Holstead

Peter sharing his trading strategy with a group of traders.

Me explaining to John Bollinger how to use Bollinger Bands…

Peter again. This time at Barclays discussing trading plans.

A younger me just moved into a new trading office. 2010!

Our Core Values

I live by a set of core trader values and encourage each trader to follow the same

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