About Us

Mark Holstead - Founder

Traders Mastermind was founded by me, Mark Holstead.

A trader for over two decades. (I placed my first trade in March 2001… missed the dot com boom by a few years!)

After a lot of screen time here are some things I believe to be true about trading…

Trading can be a lonely game, it’s tough to face the markets each day with no feedback other than your P&L.

  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Is there another way?
  • What am I missing?
  • What’s a good trading strategy for this market?

It’s tough.

And so in 2020 my goal was simple: 

Create the best educational resource for traders on the internet.

A place that would give a trader everything they needed to progress, grow and hit ambitious goals.

It needed to have:

And so Traders Mastermind was born…

Me at ‘Pepperstone talks’ live event in London..
I’ve worked with 
Pepperstone for several years and I recommend them as a good broker.

Peter sharing his trading strategy with a group of traders at Barclays.

How It Started

Before that, I want to briefly rewind…

For many years I had been creating trading videos for UK Spread Betting a YouTube channel that I helped grow to 383,000 subscribers and 67 million views.

(I’m pretty sure it’s the largest trading channel on YouTube in the UK, but I don’t know for sure. It must be top 3!)

However I recently stopped making videos because YouTube became what I felt was a place full of trading channels making unrealistic promises. (not all of course, there’s some excellent resources, but it’s changed a lot since I started)

The more ‘click baity’ your title and thumbnail, the more views. 

And I didn’t want to play that game. 

That content doesn’t help real traders like you, who want to learn, grow and are taking this business seriously.

I didn’t want to do that, I just want to trade, be around great traders and help others wherever I can.

So here we are…


A section from our members dashboard

Our new proprietary Trading Plan Pro software. (included in premium)

The Traders Mastermind Journey So Far...

Speaking at Traders Day Live in London and a short interview with Jordon from Trade Delicious

I’m proud of what we’ve built to date…

The weekly coaching calls with members, hearing how they are improving all the time.

Hitting milestones, reaching goals, overcoming obstacles.

The ever growing trader training vault, crammed with world-class trader education. 

And of course I’m proud of our community, supporting each other to become consistent and successful traders.

If you’re serious about your trading then I invite you to explore the site. Get to know us a little bit first.

I’ve got plenty of free trading resources to help you.

The trading podcast, a growing library of blog posts like the trading strategies page, trading psychology and how to create a trading plan.

Free educational trading webinars. 

Oh, and our hugely successful daily email.

All high quality, free resources. 

And if you want to speed up your journey we have our premium membership option too. Access the dashboard with all the training, tools, community and coaching.

Good trading,

2022 Traders Mastermind meet up.
Up in Manchester, we hired out a lovely terrace overlooking the water and enjoyed the warm evening.

2023 London meet up and meal. 5* hotel, great food a few drinks and plenty of trader talk.

Mark Holstead

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