Account Balance ‘Mind Hack’

Quick mental hack for profitable traders

I want to share with you a trading psychology hack that’s super simple to implement yet highly effective…

Let’s go.

I call it the “Unusual Balance Mind Hack

Have you ever struggled to break a specific balance in your trading account?

You’ve become fixated on the P&L, the equity curve, or the account balance and not the trading that got you there…

If so, here’s a hack.

Let’s say you have worked your account up close to £100k. But every time you get to £97k, £98k you fall back.

And it seems to happen again and again…

You can’t seem to crack that nut. It’s become too meaningful and is impacting your performance.

There’s a bizarre mental roadblock.

Try this:

Withdraw a random amount of cash from your account.

Say £16,745.89

Now when you look at your account balance it will be much lower than before, and you won’t easily work out where it was at before you made the withdrawal.

Doing this removes the £100k milestone staring you in the face all day long. Your balance is a random unfamiliar number, so that £100k level is no longer relevant.

You can get back to trading well without having the pressure of that meaningful number.

Now of course your actual P&L doesn’t change.

You’ve just moved some money to a different location!

But sometimes little hacks like this can be enough to trick your brain back into the mode you want.

Consistent trading performance.