Be A Decisive Trader

Take it, commit.

In the 1998 book Trading To Win” by Ari Kiev (well worth a read BTW)

Ari has this quote

Be decisive

“When you want to be involved in something don’t bid it, take it. Be aggressive

And that struck me…

Most of the time patience pays off right?

Let price come to you.

But here’s a well-regarded trading psychologist saying what appears to be the opposite…

Or is it?

I’m pretty sure he’s not saying chase the market, he’s saying that if you decide to commit, then take the trade.

Don’t try and finesse your entry by a tick or two, hit the offer and get into your position.

Ari is also telling us to commit to a decision.

Once we decide to take a trade no flip-flopping.

Take the damn trade…

We’re all guilty of overthinking and bringing in irrelevant data to question the trade.

But what’s the worst that will happen?

The trade doesn’t work and you get stopped out.

Is the financial loss acceptable?


Then be decisive, commit, and let the trade play out.