Bizarre Trading Advice from ChatGPT

20 pieces of weird trading advice

For fun, I thought I’d ask ChatGPT to give me some really bizarre and weird trading advice.

Part of me was messing about, but part of me was curious… what if it came up with something decent?

So, here’s the 20 it spat out…

  1. Take Regular Breaks to Do Absolutely Nothing Related to Trading.
  2. Keep a Lucky Charm or Ritual.
  3. Trade in a Costume.
  4. Have Conversations with Your Trades.
  5. Trade with a Mirror in Front of You.
  6. Trade to Music with Specific Rhythms.
  7. Use Aromatherapy.
  8. Wear Unusual Accessories.
  9. Trade Standing Up.
  10. Incorporate Meditation or Breathing Exercises Before Trades.
  11. Use a Stress Ball or Fidget Toy.
  12. Create a Vision Board for Trading Goals.
  13. Talk to Your Plants.
  14. Assign Names to Your Trading Strategies.
  15. Use Colored Lighting.
  16. Trade with a Lucky Item on Your Desk.
  17. Adopt a Trading Mascot.
  18. Sing or Hum a Tune While Trading.
  19. Write Affirmations on Sticky Notes.
  20. Change Your Trading Location Frequently.

LOL at Number 3!!!

Actually, the reasoning for most of these was sound when I asked it to explain more.

Trade with a mirror in front of you

I thought that was an interesting idea.

Here’s why…

Placing a mirror on your desk so you can see yourself while trading might seem odd, but it can offer several unique benefits:

Self-Awareness: Watching your own facial expressions and body language can make you more aware of your emotional state. Recognising signs of stress, frustration, or overexcitement can help you manage these emotions more effectively.

Behavioural Check: Seeing yourself in the mirror can act as a behavioral check. If you catch yourself looking anxious or tense, it can serve as a reminder to take a break, breathe, and reassess your situation calmly.

Improved Posture and Alertness: Knowing that you can see yourself might encourage you to maintain better posture and stay more alert. Slouching or looking tired can influence your mental state, so sitting up straight can keep you more focused and energized.

Personal Accountability: A mirror adds a level of personal accountability. You’re essentially watching yourself make decisions, which can make you more deliberate and cautious in your actions.

Mindfulness Practice: It encourages mindfulness by keeping you present in the moment. This heightened awareness can help you make more thoughtful and less impulsive decisions.

Using a mirror while trading can provide an unusual yet effective way to enhance self-awareness, manage emotions, and maintain focus.

Alright so maybe don’t combine that with your Batman costume… but it makes perfect sense.

Listen, you do what you need to do to perform right?!…

If wearing a costume, trading in front of a mirror, and talking to your plants is what it takes to put in that outsized quarter.

Then who am I to judge…