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Trading Strategies - Traders Mastermind

A collection of trading strategies for day trader and swing traders. Trend trading, mean reversion, gap, opening range breakout and many more. 

Trading Psychology

Good Trading psychology is at the core of any successful trader. Improve your mindset, discipline and build trading confidence.

Create a trading plan to keep you focused on the right trading strategy. Build good habits and stick to your risk rules.

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The Taylor Trading Technique​

The Taylor Trading Technique Understanding and using George Taylor’s time tested Taylor market rhythm Theories to capitalise on trade opportunities

Trading Buddy - Thumbnail Image

The Power of a Trading Buddy

Trading Buddy:The Power of a Trading Buddy Become accountable, build knowledge, and get support from a trading buddy. Who needs


Floor Trader: Smashing Size Into Bids

Back in the days when the S&P open outcry pit was still doing volume and electronic trade hadn’t entirely killed it off, brokers and dealers would…

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