Chat GPT Personas For Traders

Use AI as your personal trading coach

End of another trading week… phew.

Hope it’s been a nice frothy green one for you. And if not, what did you learn?

Let me ask you this…

Did you know you can tell Chat GPT to be a person or a persona?

Yep, you can ask it to reply and think as if it were a particular person or a type of person.

So, let’s say you are struggling with overthinking in your trading, you could ask Chat GPT for help and answer as if it was a trading psychologist or even Brett Steenbarger.

Like this:

Here are the answers…

All pretty good.

But as often with Chat GPT you need to keep asking to get more juicy stuff.

Now those are some cool ideas to try if you’re struggling with overthinking and have tried most things already.

  • Physical movement
  • Micro-Goals
  • Visualisation
  • Sensory Anchors
  • Gamify your process

You can always choose one of those that catches you eye, dig deeper and use Chat GPT to create a you a custom action plan from there.

Oh and just for fun, I replaced Brett for me. (I didn’t think it would know me, but it must have been browsing YouTube… poor AI.)

And you know what, that’s pretty accurate…

Anyway, another neat Chat GPT feature.

Are we are all obsolete soon!?

Pah, who cares, let’s just trade while we still can 🙂