Chat GPT Store

App Store v2.0

Remember when Apple launched the app store?

It unlocked so many awesome use cases for the iPhone…

Well, here we go again with arguably the biggest technology leap since mobile.

The Chat GPT store.

It’s like the app store but for… erm Chat GPT.

Confusingly though, they aren’t called apps, they are called GPTs. (Generative pre-trained transformer…. yawn!)

They essentially allow you to use AI to do a specific task. So rather than starting with a blank slate most of the foundational prompts are done for you.

Maybe you want to analyse some data, digest a PDF, write some code etc.

The idea is, that as the tech gets more and more powerful, to get better results for a specific task, you’d use a GPT.

Anyway, here’s how the store looks right now:

Ok, Mark so what does this have to do with trading?

Well, some trading-related GPTs are starting to make their way into the store (Free ATM)

And yeah, these aren’t exactly groundbreaking yet. I’m not sure these do anything amazing.

But just like the App Store, it takes time to get going…

(Does anyone else remember that beer app on the first iPhones?!)

It’s early days and only a matter of time before we get a big unlock somewhere.

Perhaps that’s linking up with real-time trade data, or maybe it’s real-time social sentiment.

Who knows…

But, let’s stay ahead of the curve and be ready for that fat edge when it arrives…

Go ahead and load up Chat GPT, navigate to the store and have a browse. (Let me know if you find anything good, 10,000 pairs of eyes are better than one!)

If you are curious about AI and trading, AND you want some weekend viewing… you might like this talk I did in London about it a few weeks ago “AI Enhanced Trading”.