Developing Trader: 6-figure Trader.
Down But Not Out!

Main Topic Notes

In this episode, I talk to the Options Athlete. So-called because he grew a modest five-figure account into mid-size figures within a year trading weekly options on Tesla.
But as the market regime changed he gave most of it back when aggressive momentum style trades simply weren’t working.
Determined that wouldn’t be the end of the story this trader has worked diligently on his strategy and mindset over the past 18 months. Looking to build a robust method and trading psychology that stands the test of time and can take him past his old equity highs and into new territory.
But of course, the journey is tough and the road is filled with obstacles…
We discuss a variety of topics including:
  • His journey so far and how he made such a huge return so quickly
  • How losing money affected him mentally
  • What he did to dust himself off and get back into the markets
  • Dealing with impulsive trading
  • Trading the open
  • Tactical ways to improve
  • Regime change
  • Trading large size
  • Focusing on the losers
  • Structuring the trade
Finally, we agree on the tactical steps he will take to improve his trading.

We’ll be following up regularly with this trader over the next few months so look out for part 2!