Developing Trader: Long Only Nasdaq
Day Trader Achieves Amazing Consistency

Main Topic Notes

Prop firm Wouter uses Top Step Trader

Wouter is a family man with a good job, a high pressure job that demands a lot of his time.

Yet somehow he’s managed to go from a trader with no discipline, no real strategy, and a tendency to hold losers too long… to a consistently profitable funded day trader.

In less than 2 years.

His secret?

Becoming a specialist.

He only trades the Nasdaq, only trades long, and only at specific times of the day.

At the time of recording, his journal shows a cumulative 30 trading day P&L of a whisker under $30k, all from a $50k funded account.

This trader has a:

  • Trade win rate of 71%
  • An average winning trade over twice his average loser
  • And trades anywhere from just four to fifteen times per month.

This man is a genuine NQ sniper!

Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy this one…