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How Skill and Observation Elevate Trading Performance

Trading Edge: Do I need it?

To be successful in trading, technical analysis skills, predicting market directions, and risk management are essential but not enough. Traders need to cultivate their trading edge for a competitive advantage.

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But what exactly is a Trading Edge?

A trading edge refers to a unique advantage or set of advantages that a trader possesses, enabling them to achieve consistent profitability in the financial markets. It is the distinguishing factor that sets a trader apart from the competition and increases their likelihood of success.

There are 2 main types, a skill edge and an observation edge.

A skill edge involves excelling at specific trading abilities. It includes spotting imbalances, fading exhaustion moves, managing risk, and patiently waiting for ideal trades. Honest self-assessment and continuous skill development are key to improving trading performance.

An observation edge uncovers unique market insights and patterns. Examples include time of day patterns, market correlations, and specific price patterns that consistently yield profitable trades. Dedicated screen time and meticulous chart analysis are crucial for discovering these valuable insights.

Adaptation and continuous improvement

By integrating observations with honed skills, traders can take advantage of repeatable patterns. For example, combining an observation of high odds for hitting overnight session highs/lows with the skill of executing quick exits into flushes creates opportunities aligned with individual strengths.

But market edges come and go. Traders must adapt, continuously observe, take notes, and improve their trading psychology, execution, position sizing, and risk management. The ability to adapt and seek new edges is vital for sustained success.


Success in trading requires cultivating both skill and observation edges. By developing skills and observing unique market patterns, traders can create a personalised edge. Adaptation, continuous improvement, and playing to individual strengths are essential. Embrace these edges to unlock trading success and create your own path in the markets.

I also did a podcast episode called “What’s the lens you observe the market through?“. Worth a listen if you’re working on your unique trading edge.