Dynamic Edges (Keep Going)

Adapting to Changes The Best Way We Can

Everything is Changing

Things are always changing

You’re changing

The markets are changing

The participants are changing

What traders care about is changing…

And our job is to adapt the best way we can.

I remember in late 2000s when the first trading algos were operating on the order book.

There was a huge short-term edge in spotting them and trading off their movements.

Then we had the short euphoria play.

Every cr@ppy company could be bid up by the retail crowd on some nonsense news only to collapse a few days later.

Edges come and go.

You change and grow as a human and a trader.

Nothing stays the same.

To be the best you need to keep working on two things:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your edge

If you can devote time to both of those, you are ahead of most players in this game and you’ll win.

Keep your eyes on the prize….

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