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Me, Mark Holstead:
– Trader for over 20 years.
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To get started I recommend deciding which area of your trading needs urgent attention…
Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology

(includes trading discipline, over trading, rule breaking, trading on tilt, sizing up etc)

Trading Strategies - Traders Mastermind

Trading Strategy

(includes technicals, chart setups, scaling, adding, mean reversion, trend trades etc)

Pick the one thing that will help you the most and go deep.

Finally, I have a bunch of free resources for you to download below. 

Enjoy the journey, stick to the process and work tirelessly on becoming the very best trader you can be.

Good trading,

Mark Holstead

PS: If you have any questions send a reply any of my daily emails and I’ll do my best to help.

Free Trading Resources

PDF Checklists

Pre market checklist PDF – Run through this before the bell

Pre Trade checklist PDF – Use to avoid low quality trades

Trading Plan Checklist PDF – Handy guide to building a trading plan

Evening Trading Session PDF – Prepare your plan of attack

No Overtrading Contract PDF – A contract with yourself to stop overtrading

Tools and Trading View Scripts

Opening range breakout engine – I worked with a developer to get this exactly right. Use this code to test different opening range breakout parameters. 

Gap trading engine – Same theme as the ORB, except for gaps.

Amber v1.0 [SCALPER] – Handy tool to spot short term exhaustion.

Exchange Eye– Highlight different session ranges on your intraday chart.

Premium Trading Resources

You do not need to buy anything from me, I have a load of free content and resources that will help your trading.
Daily emailpodcast, webinars and deep dive articles into strategy and psychology.

But if you do want to upgrade your experience I offer a premium membership service, a trading course, and a software tool (included in premium)

Membership and Trading Course

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Trading Plan Pro Software

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