Floored, A Trading Documentary

The transition from open outcry pit trader to screen

Transition to Screen Trading

If you’ve not seen it and fancy something interesting to watch this weekend then you have to check out a movie called Floored on YouTubeIt’s a documentary about the transition from open outcry trading to electronic screen trading.

Interviews with grumpy traders who can’t adapt:

“I’ve been making money for 18 years straight, now I’ve lost money for 3 years”

Interviews with pit traders who DID make it work. (Linda Raschke being one of them.)

And a bunch in between.

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It’s well worth a watch. My favourite quote…

“These technical nerds, analysts that all they are doing is putting in logarithms, algorithms, and monkeyrithms, who knows… The market should go one way and it doesn’t”


Clear 80 minutes off your schedule, sit back, and enjoy.