Fun is Not a Dirty Word...

Finding Joy in Trading without Compromising Discipline

Trading Should be Boring

“Trading should be boring” You’ve heard it… To some extent that’s true. You are doing a job, executing your trading plan without deviation, and making course corrections along the way. We certainly shouldn’t be making wild impulsive trades like a gambler. The market is not to be used for an adrenaline rush!

But… this trading game is super tough. You are going to get knocked about badly. The only way you are going to keep getting back up for more is if you enjoy it! I think you need to make it fun and enjoyable, somehow.

Today, think about how you can add some fun to your trading. Can you ‘gamify’ your trading? Perhaps think about trying to get streaks of discipline and rewarding yourself when you do. Maybe set a challenge or a drill to perform that’s fun to do but also helps you improve a specific part of your trading.

We all perform better when we are having ‘fun’. But too often it’s considered ‘unprofessional’ to have fun. Ridiculous! Add some fun to your trading, you can still take it seriously and respect the markets whilst enjoying what you do. Win win.

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Fun: An essential ingredient for success

Richard Branson knows that fun is an essential ingredient for success. In his book “The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership,” Branson writes that if you’re not having fun, it’s time to call it quits and try something else.

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