Get In The “Power Zone”

Mark Douglas says you shouldn’t care. Really?

Mark Douglas says you should not care about each trade you take.

This is true, to some extent.

Let me explain…

I believe we should not care about the outcome of an individual trade, from the perspective of P&L.

We don’t want to get caught up in emotional attachment to a trade. It’s just one trade out of thousands we’ll take in our career.

However, if we are not careful we can take this too literally.

What do I mean?

Well, not being concerned about the outcome is one thing, but not caring about the actual trade is another.

And when I say caring about the trade I mean not putting the proper effort into analysing and executing the idea.

If we’re not careful we can be blasé about the trade, and take it half-heartedly. We’re not completely focused on maximising the trade potential.

There’s a middle ground that I believe is the sweet spot.

Focused and dialled into the opportunity, ready to take full advantage if the trade sets up. AND still not attached emotionally or financially to the outcome.

That, I believe is the power zone.

Master that and you’re in a good place.

Listen to my latest podcast episode where I go into more detail.