Getting Bigger On Your Best Trades

Risking more on your best ideas might be a game changer

Ok, so this might seem like jumping the gun for many…

If you’ve not yet got the consistency, you might think that sizing up on your best plays doesn’t make sense.


But hear me out.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that your weekly risk allocation is 

In other words, you don’t allow yourself to lose more than 1k per week.

And let’s say you take on average one trade a day. (Let’s keep the sums easy here.)

5 trades, £200 risk per trade. Worst case scenario if they all lose.


But what if you went through your prior trades and discovered one or two setups that just seemed to work well for you? 

A play that you love to take, have confidence in, and works more often than not.

What if when you saw THAT setup you took a portion of your weekly risk and allocated it to that particular play?

So now the risk is £400 or £600, not £200

I mean, sure it makes some sense to split your weekly risk proportionally across each trade or day, but if that clean setup appears, does it not make more sense to risk more?

That could be a bigger size right off the bat, or adding to the position…

Maybe start the ball rolling and ask yourself the question:

“How can I get bigger on my best trades?”

That means firstly identifying your best trades, and then working out a game plan to get bigger safely within your risk tolerance parameters. (Remember great trades also lose too..)

I believe it’s worth thinking about no matter where you are on the journey…

*Not advice, you do what works for you… just sharing some thoughts.