Hack Your Trading Brain With Music

Can music improve your trading?

Music for Trading

Can music improve your trading?

Yes. Here’s how:

Before the trading day audit how you feel.

Do you need to get fired up? There’s a song for that.

Are you feeling too fired up? There’s a song for that too.

Music can help get you in the right emotional state before the bell. Not too excited but not too relaxed either.

During the trading day:

I like to be focused, dialled in enough to see and process the story of the market as it unfolds, but not so alert that my decisions are tainted by fight or flight.

Enter music.

Studies have shown that a certain type of music can influence your brain waves. (Start at 1 hour in).

You can effectively hack your mental state simply by playing music.

Spotify is great for this, there are several playlists I use during the day to help keep my brain in the state I want it to be.

Deep focus is my current favourite.

But there are loads.


  • Music is a free and powerful tool to manipulate your mental state
  • Use before the trading day to get yourself in the right state
  • Use during trading to keep yourself there…

Sometimes I’ll also use it after a great week to really amplify the feel-good emotion.

Marinade in that confidence even more!

What tunes do you listen to whilst trading?

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