How to Fade Losing Traders

Is this the perfect tool?

I was down a prop trading rabbit hole (as you do…) and this caught my eye.

Top Step has built a new cutting-edge trading platform just for prop traders.

Now I’m a trader, but I’m also a sucker for new tech. Any new platform, tool or cool thing and I’m there.

(I’m the idiot who ticks all the overpriced optional cool features on a new car…)

The platform is called TopStepX.

You get all the usual stuff like integrated charts (powered by Trading View) and a nice-looking order entry section with DOM.

Standard sh1t…

But what’s a really nice feature is something they call Tilt.

Tilt is very interesting…

It’s the sentiment and positioning of all Top Step Traders.

You get to see

  • The % long and % short,
  • The % in profit and % in loss.
  • And they show you the average long price and average short price.

So now at a glance, you can see how other traders are positioned, in which direction, and the juicy bit… from which average price.

We know the majority of these traders do not pass these challenges, so I think you see where I’m going with this…

Have Top Step created the perfect fade indicator?


Anyway, I think they are doing some sort of mega deal on all account sizes now to promote the new platform.

$49 instead of $165 for a $50k account last time I looked.

Not much money to have a play.

Here’s the link if you’re curious.

Happy fading….