If the Rock was a trader

Trading advice from the Rock (sort of…)

Removing the Noise

You know the Rock right? Big guy, actor, owns a few businesses, and seemingly all around good dude.

The other day he posted a video on Instagram talking about removing the noise yet hearing what is actually valuable.

Watch it here.

Now he was talking about public feedback, but it got me thinking…

What he’s saying has a lot to do with trading.

Noise vs Valuable Feedback

Eg; If a trade gets stopped out, is that just a trade getting stopped out (noise) or is it a mistake that needs fixing? (valuable feedback)

There’s no easy answer. But like the Rock says, it’s a skill to develop over time. What’s just noise and what’s useful?  

1 – The rule of many

How many times have you seen this? Is it a repeating pattern?

If one person comments on your YouTube video telling you to speak slower, you could put it down to noise. But if dozens are saying the same thing over multiple videos, that’s useful feedback.

Just like in trading. If you’re taking the same setup and getting pinged out many times that’d valuable data. Something might need to change. At the very least it’s worth exploring.

2 – What does your instinct say?

Trust your intuition a bit. Is this a recurring pattern?

Maybe you are fading the trend too much and you can’t just shrug this off as a regular stop, trust your judgment here. Sometimes you need to dismiss a loss as just a loss. Other times you need to give it some attention.

Knowing what’s just noise to be ignored and what’s feedback is a skill to develop. But master it and you can unlock a ‘Rock like’ superpower. (Alright I forced that one…! Must try harder)