Incredible Yet Obscure Trading Strategies

Interviews with traders doing things very differently

Support this, resistance that, ooo is that bull flag? Bear trap, Wyckoff spring??

All very well, but some traders have put up big numbers doing things very differently…

Today I share with you a few interviews I’ve found interesting over the years with traders who have done things differently to the rest.

Sure, you might not want to try and replicate what they do, but it might spur you on to dig into a new rabbit hole to find your own unique edge.

Perhaps some weekend listening?

Here they are.

Jason Shapiro – Using the commitment of traders reports

Sang Lucci – Day trading options using the tape

Aatu Kokkila – Hedge fund manager trading FX over news
(My pod, you may have already heard this one, a great conversation)

And one from the Hedge Fund Market Wizards book,

Jimmy Balodimas – Stepping in front of freight trains (Chapter 14)