Just Start

Kill the procrastination right now

What are the things you know you should do in your trading but aren’t?

  • Journaling?
  • Studying charts?
  • Reviewing old trades?
  • Writing a trading plan?
  • Identifying new edges?
  • Reading that book?

We’ve all got something we feel guilty for not doing.

I believe guilt and regret are our subconscious telling us to change something…

Sure you don’t need to do everything, but there’s probably one thing that springs to mind that you haven’t done, and feel bad about it.

Just start.

Don’t overthink it, just start.

That’s all you need to do, that’s the hardest part.

Just get going.

  • Open that book
  • Download your trades to CSV
  • Sit down with a notepad and pen

Once you start, I’m almost certain you’ll finish…

Watch this if you get a chance…

Then go…