Lift the Performance Burden

No Trading, Just Observing

Watch the Market

I’m a huge fan of this tactical strategy, and as this is a Friday I’ll make it quick…

Too often we sit down in front of the trading screens with one objective. To make as much money as possible. So we always look at price through that lens. Where is this market going? How can I profit from that? Fine. That’s our job!

But sometimes having the burden of performance on our shoulders means that we often miss some good price action clues. We are so caught up in looking for a trade we aren’t seeing some of the more obvious market signals that, ironically, can be used to anticipate better trades.

Today, consider just watching the market. No trades, no intention to trade, just you and the market.

Simply watch the price in a relaxed state and note down your observations. You aren’t trying to predict where it’s headed, you are simply looking at clues.

  • Price response to levels
  • Speed of price movement
  • Volume
  • Time of day
  • and anything else you like to watch

Doing this allows you to see how the market trades without having the burden of performance on your shoulders.

Try it.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial it is..

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