Louise Nonweiler - Trader Hypnosis,
Casinos, and Elastic Bands

Main Topic Notes

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I bet you didn’t know that Louise Nonweiler used to be a croupier?

Working in top-end London casinos seeing gamblers bet up £100k per hand gave her a unique insight into the mindset of risk-based decisions. (And seeing a lot of players on tilt….)

Fast forward to today and Louise is better known for her work with serious traders. Helping them acquire the mindset required for high-performance trading.

In this super varied discussion, Louise and I covered a bunch of topics.


  • Taming the ego
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Fixing self-sabotage 
  • The ‘elastic band’ hack to help program your thinking
  • Ambition and drive

And of course, Louise and I always like to talk about health, wellness and general self-care.

Big Macs and news anyone?!

A really fun chat that I know you’ll find valuable.