My Top 4 Trading Psychologists

Trading Psychology CDs

I remember being super excited when the CDs dropped through the door. It was 2004 and I was struggling with my trading discipline. The web was in its infancy and downloading material wasn’t a thing yet. (Apart from ripping MP3s from Napster!)

However, websites were popping up offering products and services that you could call up and buy. I found this website offering trading psychology CDs. CDs you could buy, get delivered, and then listen to. They arrived and wow. What a game-changer.

I discovered ways to improve my discipline I’d not thought of before, the speaker talked about some of the emotions I was experiencing during trading.

I felt like he knew what I was going through.

Now of course fast forward to 2023 and there’s a sea of information on trading psychology. But who is any good? I’ve compiled a list of the Top 4 Trading Psychologists I think are well worth following and observing their work

#1 Steve Ward

London-based, Steve works with hedge funds and money managers. Occasionally dipping into the retail world to write books on mindset, psychology and performance.

He’s been on the podcast and has been a special guest on our members’ Zoom call. (He’s back next week actually, which is exciting!)

His books Bulletproof Trader and High-performance Trading are some of my favourite trading psychology books.

#2 Brett Steenbarger

Across the pond, we have the OG of trading psychology.

Brett was the first psychologist who started sharing content online in 2005

His blog Trader Feed became a must-read for all traders committed to improvement.

He has written several books. The Daily Trading Coach and The Psychology of Trading are two of his better ones.

Now and then he records a YouTube video sharing thoughts and ideas on how to get better at trading.

I believe he also still works at SMB as a resident mindset coach.

#3 Denise Shull

Denise wrote the book Market Mind Games.

Which frankly wasn’t my favourite book… BUT is still a book that I consider to be very important in framing the way you think about emotions and trading.

Did you know: Denise has recently been through the court system suing the maker of the TV show Billions?

She claims the character Wendy is based on her, and that she was consulted at the beginning of the show to develop the character but was never compensated.

She ultimately lost the case.

What do you think? Is she Wendy from Billions?!

#4 Louise Nonweiller

Another guest on the pod. Click here to listen.

Louise is a hypnotherapist and coach who works with traders to really help dial in their emotional responses and discipline.

She runs the website and also has some free training here.