Opening Range Breakout Trading on Tesla (TSLA)

Backtesting the opening range breakout method on Tesla stock

I feel we are in a bit of a golden age of trading right now.

We can construct and back-test strategies more easily than we ever have been able to in the years gone by.

Even the most hardcore of discretionary traders are getting involved.

You can now load up a strategy on Trading View and just tinker away, playing with different settings

Maybe nothing comes of it, but you always learn something new, and in the best-case scenario you build a new strategy to add to your setup arsenal.

A while ago I had my developer code up what I called an Opening Range Breakout Engine.

testing tool to help discover different profitable ways to trade the ORB.

Since then it’s had numerous modifications and improvements (with another huge change being worked on right now.)

I always update the most recent version in the Traders Mastermind members dashboard so traders can download and test out some settings for themselves.

The beautiful thing about the opening range breakout is that it’s a systematised strategy that only takes an hour of your time a day to execute.

Perfect if you’re busy.

You just need the right rules.

Anyway – I’ve been testing out some different markets, with interesting results.

Let me share the Tesla (TSLA) findings.

So here are the settings:

  • Opening range of 15 minutes
  • Both long and short trades
  • No stop
  • No target
  • Close the trade ten minutes before the closing bell

I threw that into Trading View and backtested over 2 years.

This was the strategy equity curve.

  • 400 trades
  • 53% profitable
  • Ratio Avg Win/ Avg Loss 1.105

Not bad, a bit of a nasty drawdown early on, but a steady chug up since then.

A no-stop rule might spook you a bit, but the good news is that testing with 100% of the ORB range as a stop gave even better results.

Less drawdown, and a better Ratio Avg Win/ Avg Loss of 1.4

Adding a filter that only takes the trade after a day when the ATR is the lowest for the past 7 days (similar to a narrow range 7) takes fewer trades but pumps up the numbers even more.

The largest winner vs loser is nice…

It depends on what you prefer, more frequency and potentially smoother ride, or less and maybe make a bit more.

Anyway – as always DYOR, don’t trust my analysis, have a dig for yourself.

It’s fun!