Part Time Trading With A Full Time Job

Trading with a full time job is tough.
Here are some ways to make it work.

So, many traders are trading alongside a job, a business, a family.

And it’s tough.

Finding the time to trade can be challenging.

There are already not enough damn hours in the day!

Depending on your schedule the answer for day traders is focusing on one specific time window.

Becoming a total specialist in the few precious hours you can spare to watch the screens.

Like the open or the close.

So, to help you find your edge when you have limited time, I’ve rounded up a handful of my webinar recordings, all focused on trading during a specific time of day.

The open, evening session, and close.

The Evening Traders Playbook

Scalping The Open

Trading The Close

Specialism is the key here.

Pick a time that works for you and go all in on becoming an expert…