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Trading psychology, discipline, and trading strategy.

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Welcome to the Traders Mastermind podcast.

If you are a day trader (or swing trader) who is serious about peak performance in the financial markets, then you’re in the right place!

Podcast episodes come in three formats:

Solo episodes:

These episodes are sharing practical advice on risk, trading psychology and trading strategies.

Special guests:

Conversations with peak performance experts, hedge fund managers and professional traders.

Developing trader:

Interviews with traders who have turned the corner. They have found a trading strategy and style that works for them, and are sharing their journey.

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Table of Contents

Best Trading Podcast Episodes

Here are some of the most popular traders mastermind podcast episodes.

Day Trading: Tom Hougaard - Inside The Mind Of A High Stakes Day Trader

Known for swinging a big line, he has cultivated the mindset required to deal with trading large size on a short timeframe.

Inside the mind of a high stakes day trader

Trading Psychology: Steve Ward - Building A Professional Traders Mindset

Author and peak performance coach to hedge funds Steve Ward shares several tactical ways to improve the trading psychology side of your game.

Building a professional traders mindset

Aatu Kokkila: A €32 Million Fund Manager's Insights on Trading Forex Mispricings During Key News Events

Aatu is a very unique fund manager, he has generated exceptional returns over many years strictly trading FX around news events.

In this episode, Aatu shares his broad strategy and approach to trading around big news events like NFP, interest rate announcements, and elections.

Aatu Kokkila

Trading Psychology: Mindset Shift. How Chris Transformed His Trading and Achieved Profitability

In this developing trader series episode, I speak to Chris D, a day trader from the UK who finally found his perfect trading style after years of struggling.

The FTSE day traders mindset shift

Price Action Trading with Al Brooks

Al Brooks is a 35 year day trading veteran specialising in price action. Al joined us as a special guest in our weekly members call to talk about his life as a trader, his method, approach to risk and some of his favourite trade setups. 

Price action trading with Al Brooks

Funded DAX Day Trader: Finding Consistency

A specialist in the DAX, Henry shares his journey to getting funded with a $200k FTMO account and how he’s managed to stay consistent and build a track record.

Funded DAX day trader finds consistency

Trading Psychology Podcast

More popular podcast episodes collected into themes and topics. Perfect if you're looking to improve a specific aspect of your trading.

All the podcast episodes

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