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"All traders can do chart analysis, but not all traders can read a chart"

That’s what one wealthy trader told me twenty years ago, and he was right…

You can be a master technical analyst but that won’t translate to your bottom line if you don’t really understand the market’s language.

This comprehensive price action course will help you see the market through a different lens.

Remove all that noise, clutter and confusion and start to build a clearer insight into the markets next move.

You’ll learn to think several steps ahead. 

Plan your trades with more confidence and build your own suite of price action trading strategies.

Keep scrolling to find out more about the course contents.

I’ve highlighted the main modules and also included a full curriculum at the bottom of the page.

I hope that gives you enough information to make an informed decision.

Whether you choose to enroll or not, I wish you successful trading.

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What's In The Course?

The course starts by laying the foundations of price action, with a modern twist.

Understanding the role everyone plays in the market allows you to approach trading with a chess like game theory mindset.

In the course I cover the underlying market dynamics such as:

Price Action Course - A different way of thinking
Price Action - Risk v Reward

After this module you'll start asking yourself questions like...

“What are the other players likely to do if price does X?

“How can I position to capitalise on that trading opportunity?”

Learning to look at charts through a different lens unlocks another dimension to price.

You’ll start to perceive price moves not just as noisy lines on a chart, but as an organic price discovery process.

As a trader your job then is to capitalise on the times that price patterns repeat and other players motivations become easier to read.

Momentum Ignition and Exhaustion

Trading opportunities often present themselves when other traders are ‘time’ not ‘price’ sensitive. “Get me in (or out) now!” – that’s when we have edge.

Once you’re looking at markets through a clearer lens, it’s time to get down to the strategies.

After that, I’ll teach you my trading funnel

The flowchart method of trade section.
Idea > Filter > Trigger

I also share some advanced tactics to help grade the trade and add extra weight.

(Perfect for aggressive traders who like to press harder under certain conditions)

Daytrading a flush
Price Action Course - Exhaustion

Day Trading Strategies

Strategies, setups and methods for all markets.
Price Action Course - Growth Process
Afternoon momentum predator

Ok – now we kick things up a notch

I am always updating this course based on new market conditions, new methods and ideas. (Once enrolled you’ll always have the new updates.)

“The Afternoon Momentum Ignition Predator Strategy”

This one is essential to learn, a powerful strategy to deploy under the right conditions.

Yes, the name could be better, but don’t let that fool you!

The strategy is simple, yet effective.

Ok, what next?

Crafting Your Perfect Trading Day

Now we have a day traders deep dive. This is where I go super detailed into creating your perfect trading day.
Trades at the close

Algo Spotting

Learn how you can identify algorithms on the chart. Spotting those buy or sell programs used by institutions to execute large size over a set period of time.
Cash Flow Trades
8pm algo
Time of day algos
Framing VWAP

This is one of my favourite modules…

Understanding how algorithms operate.

No this is not a quant lesson, my coding skills are nowhere near good enough to program an algorithm…

This is a module to understand how institutional algorithms operate so we as discretionary traders can learn to spot them and potentially take advantage of their likely next moves.

Clues and tells to watch for that could indicate a buy or sell program has been activated. 

If you can identify those that’s a big edge. 

You don’t get them every day, but they seem to come in patterns so it makes sense to have the knowledge and skills to spot them when they do.

I explain all in module 14.

What’s next?

Statistical Trading Edge

Not a usual topic for a discretionary trader, but using data and statistics about market moves can help you time entries better and hold trades longer.

This is one you won’t see in any other price action course.

Using data to sharpen your edge.

I show you step by step how to download price data and easily interrogate it to get probabilities and answers to questions that will support your discretionary trading.

You might be thinking: “This doesn’t sound like something I want to learn”

I get it, you’re a discretionary trader.

But trust me, this really unlocks a different way of thinking, helps you hold trades longer and have more confidence when pulling the trigger. (and it’s not super complicated, if you can open Excel/Google Sheets you can follow this method!)

Statistical Edges
High low test data
Trading data download

Ignition Bars and Reversals

A new update to reflect current market conditions. I share some concepts and strategies around the ignition bar.

An ignition bar is a sudden burst of momentum which can potentially be used as a trigger signal. (Under the right conditions)

Videos in this module include:

The ignition bar is a nice trigger to have in your tool chest. Or use it to develop a standalone trading strategy around, like the ‘6 o Clock Shock’ play.

Ignition bar and VWAP

So there you have it.

An overview of what to expect after you enroll.

You can self select which modules to watch and access on demand through any device.

And of course, (no pun…) you have access forever.

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Price Action Mastery is included in premium membership

Trader Testimonials

See what traders just like you have said about the course.
"Working my way through Marks Price Action Trading Course and i have to say it is exactly what i hoped for and need. Love the clear information and the energy too!!"
"I've loved the course. The first module was a real eye-opener for me. I've been trading unprofitably for a couple of years now. My problem has never been self-discipline or following rules. I've just never been able to find a strategy that works. Everything I tried would gradually erode my capital. Now I finally see why."
"I just wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude. I'm 75% through your Price Action Course and it's really helping me prepare for the markets and tweak my mindset. I'm seeing a considerable difference."
"I am thoroughly enjoying the price action trading course. I keep watching key lessons over and over again... The "Afternoon Ignition" and "Hunting Prey" trading systems really fit my lifestyle and personality. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Seeing how you bring together the different price action concepts made things a lot more clear.

The Complete Course Curriculum

I’ve given you a summary of what to expect, now here’s a detailed outline of the complete curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a day trader/swing trader will this course help me?

Absolutely, the course covers a huge array of concepts that apply to any time frame. 

I trade Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Crypto will the lessons in the program apply?

Whatever market you choose to trade price is still decided by a combination of buyers and sellers. Each market may have different subtleties and rhythms (something addressed in the course) but all markets respond to supply v demand, money flow and sentiment.

Understanding price action will help you trade any market that has its price derived from free flowing price discovery. (All markets!)

How is the course delivered?

The course is on-demand video training.

After enrolling you get immediate access and you can dip in and out of the course whenever you like on any device. 

Take as much or as little time as you need. Watch sections multiple times or skip modules. 

If I need any support can you help me?

If you have any questions about the course, please send an email to


The inbox is manned 9am – 5pm GMT. Monday – Friday.

Price Action Mastery is included in premium membership