Sit Up, Trade Better

How Posture Influences Your Trading Decisions

Trader's Posture

How much time do we traders spend sitting down? Too much!

And what’s worse is we often don’t realise it until the end of the trading day when we prise ourselves off our creaking chair. Is it something we should care about?

Well if like me you believe there’s a fine line between winning and losing, doing anything you can to improve performance can only be a good thing, right?

But it’s not just the sitting down…. Studies have shown that’s bad enough. (I’ll share my thoughts and findings about standing desks in another post). For me it’s your posture during a trade, and how it shifts depending on your feelings.

Don’t believe me?

Imagine looking at yourself from a Birds Eye view being stressed about a losing position. Almost certainly you’re not relaxed, you’re probably leaning forward, shoulders hunched, tense watching each candle that’s going to make or break your trading career! And that is not cool.

Studies have shown that posture affects mood and decision-making.

Try standing in front of the mirror in a winner’s pose, arms up, head back, and see how you feel. Confident, assured, and in a good mood. Now roll your shoulders, tip your head down, and look to the floor. I know you feel the difference!

You can see where I’m going here…

We know confidence, clarity, and optimism play such a key role in trading. So why don’t we do everything we possibly can to fix and boost it?

Today, think about your posture during the trading day.

Catch yourself every now and then. Look to see how you’re holding yourself before, during, and after a tradeIf you find yourself tense and hunched forward, try relaxing and sitting upright instead. That forced mood shift can really help reframe your thinking. The reframe might just be enough to help you see the market or trade differently.

Perhaps there isn’t a big desperate need to dive into that trade, maybe this pullback on your long is ok, just relax and let it resolve.

Emotions play such a huge role in trading performance, let’s do everything we possibly can to improve them.

Watch that posture!

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Posture and Confidence

This scientific study shows how posture affects confidence in your own thoughts

Sitting up straight is something you can train yourself to do, and it has psychological benefits – as long as you generally have positive thoughts”, he said.

An interesting read!