Stop Hesitating, Start Believing

What's Holding You Back?


Picture the scene:

Your trade sets up, the pattern is clear, you see the signal, and… you do nothing.

You hesitate and for a few seconds you start to think “Maybe this trade won’t work, what if I’m wrong, let me just check this other thing”

The market then moves without you and you’re left feeling a sense of anger and frustration at doing all the leg work but then failing to capitalise on the opportunity. If you’re really in a bad mood that’s when the idea of chasing the trade crosses your mind! (And we all know how that ends…)

What’s the missing ingredient here?


A belief that this is exactly the right trade to take and if it doesn’t work out, that’s what the stop is for.

Without that belief, you are always going to hesitate on every deal. Worrying about each individual trade outcome. Framing each as a win or loss.

This is where your planning and prep work comes in. Putting in that extra work believing you DESERVE better results.

That’s the starting point…

Do the work to get the belief. Then you start to see results, which further fuels the belief and the momentum keeps going. See how that works?!

Today, think about what actions you could take in your trading to reinforce your belief.

Belief in your abilities to get to where you want to go in your trading. The belief that you are doing the right things to get the results you deserve. Then when you start to get those positive results, link them in your mind to your effort and prior actions.

This reinforces that belief connection.

And the positive cycle continues…

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Winning is More Fun

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