Stop Loss Strategy: Place Smarter Stops

Stop losses are crucial to any successful trading strategy.
Let’s explore some ways to improve.

Stop Loss Placement

It’s stop-loss season! (That sounds pretty dull; can’t see it really taking off with the public…)

You and I on the other hand, you are probably like me. Any tweak, any adjustment you can make to your trading to improve. Yes. Count me in.

Stops are super important. A good strategy can fall over simply because the stop is in the wrong place. (Quite frightening really when you think about it. The line between success and failure can be so fine.) So it’s worth pondering – How can we be smarter about our stops?

It’s something I’m thinking about a lot at the moment.

  • Do I need my stops that wide?
  • Can I tighten them up earlier?
  • Should I break the stops up into batches?
  • Which setups need more room to breathe?

I shared some ideas in my latest podcast here.