SVB Shockwave: Unraveling the Mystery
with Michael Brown

Main Topic Notes

Join me for this captivating episode as we sit down with macro expert Michael Brown to dissect the recent SVB shockwave that rocked the trading world. We’ll cover all aspects of the event, including:
  • The inside story of what happened at SVB and why it matters
  • The Credit Suisse collapse and its contributing factors
  • The role of public sentiment in shaping market reactions
  • A simplified model of a bank, and how it led to SVB’s downfall
  • Twitter’s impact on creating a modern-day bank run
  • The ripple effect on other banks: sentiment or genuine concern?
  • The perplexing Nasdaq rally amidst banking collapses
  • The FED’s involvement and potential missteps
  • Predictions for the FED’s next move
  • Harnessing FX implied volatility for smarter trading
  • Strategies for planning day trades based on big money flow
Tune in as we navigate these complex topics, explore possible surprises in the market, and learn how to develop a trading roadmap to be well prepared in today’s volatile financial landscape.