The Mindset Shift: How Chris Transformed
His Trading and Achieved Profitability

Main Topic Notes

In this developing trader series episode, I speak to Chris D, a day trader from the UK who finally found his perfect trading style after years of struggling.

We discuss:

  • Why switching from the DOW to the FTSE was his best-ever decision
  • What trading strategies he currently deploys
  • His extensive (punishing?!) pre-market routine
  • Non-negotiable rules 
  • His obsession with data gathering and how it supports his decision making
  • Chris’ current scaling-up challenge

And more.

This was a great conversation with a trader who just would not quit!

His perseverance and grit have allowed him to discover a trading strategy that works for him.

If you have been trading for a while but aren’t quite where you want to be, this episode is a must-listen.