The Right Way to Do Visualisation

Check out this handy resource on best visualisation practices.


In my last webinar, 20-Day Trader’s Reboot (which you can re-watch here) on day 2, I talked about creating a mind movie

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This is like a visualisation process to help your subconscious keep making decisions that keep you aligned with your vision.

I suggested playing that movie in your mind each day so your brain gets very familiar with the trader you are becoming and starts to act in alignment with that vision.

Anyway… no need to go over old ground.

It seemed to be a popular topic and I had a few questions asking for more resources.

So here’s one.

Ed Mylett is someone I listen to regularly when it comes to peak performance tips and ideas.

And this clip here from an interview he did covers a good chunk of how to get the best from your visualisation…

It’s a 7-minute watch and well worth the time.

Oh and whilst I remember.

Popular guest Louise Nonweiler from Hypnosis for Traders is coming back on the pod very soon.

One of the topics we want to cover is visualisation, so if you have any questions, send them over.


I also recorded a solo podcast episode on visualisation here > Trading Psychology: Visualisation For Traders