The Science of Building Discipline

Learn the scientific way to be a disciplined trader

In our last members coaching call we spent a lot of time discussing discipline.

Which is not unusual, it’s a topic that’s crucial to trading success.

Trading discipline doesn’t guarantee success but you won’t find any successful traders who don’t have rock-solid discipline…

I used to believe that once you had it, you had it for life.

Now I believe that you need to exercise it regularly to keep your discipline strong.

Doing stuff that was tough six months ago and is no longer tough doesn’t cut it, you need to constantly find new things to do that you don’t want to.

Andrew Huberman calls these “micro sucks” doing little things each day that are not enjoyable.

In this video, he explains the science behind discipline and how you can keep building it.

Worth 15 minutes of your time this weekend… it might boost your trading performance.

Here’s the video.