Trader Drills and Skills Workshop

A Guide to Improving Your Trading Skills

Adopting a systematic approach to skill development is important, much like athletes preparing for their sport. This workshop introduces a training program designed to refine your trading skills for improved performance in the market.

Common Trader Challenges

Traders often face issues like overtrading, overthinking, emotional decision-making, and difficulty in managing losses. Recognising and addressing these challenges is fundamental to crafting a successful trading strategy.

Simplifying Trading Decisions

To prevent overtrading, the One Simple Rule Drill encourages focusing on a single, clear rule for ten days to streamline decision-making. For those who overthink, the Coin Toss Drill uses the randomness of a coin toss to enforce quick, decisive action, training traders to trust their instincts.

Embracing Losses and Profits

The Tight Stop Drill addresses the fear of taking losses by promoting the practice of setting tight stops, thereby minimising emotional attachment to trades. Conversely, the Hold the Line Drill aims to build discipline in holding winning trades by progressively increasing target holding times, enhancing patience and confidence.

Discipline and Quick Decisions

Adherence to trading rules is important. The Opening 5-Minute Drill focuses on making swift, rule-based decisions at the open of a trading bar. Meanwhile, the Quick Decision Drill sharpens real-time decision-making skills using a random timer, preparing traders for the fast-paced nature of the markets.

Building on Success

The Aggressive Adding Drill teaches traders how to confidently add to winning positions, a strategy that can significantly enhance profitability when executed with discipline and a clear plan.

Changing Perspectives on Losses

Lastly, the Losing Trade Drill encourages a shift in perspective by aiming to lose trades intentionally in a demo account. This drill seeks to rewire how traders perceive wins and losses, potentially reducing the emotional impact of trading outcomes.


By focusing on specific areas for improvement and adopting these targeted drills, traders can systematically improve their skills and performance. Remember, focus on mastering one or two drills at a time for the best results. Feel free to customise these exercises to better suit your trading style and goals. 

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