Trader Games

What’s your score?

Whilst browsing online I game across this website.

Open Quant Game Room

This site has a selection of games designed for quant traders to test different skills that might be useful in a quant role or interview.

The math ones, well maybe that’s your thing, but they make my head hurt…

“Risk Game” however is quite fun and is a smart game for quants and discretionary guys.

In this game you are shown different colour balloons, each having a different probability of popping.

You can choose to pump the balloon, getting a point for each pump, or collect the points. But if you pump it too much, the balloon pops.

The name of the game is to identify which balloon has a lower probability of popping and then try and get as much from that as possible.

AND grabbing small ‘profits’ on the balloons highly likely to pop.

I guess the idea is to help traders identify which balloons (trades) have a higher EV as quick as possible and with that info try and pump (run) the balloon as much as possible.

Clever really…

When you’re on a trading break today, try it out… See how you get on.

The top score is 193!