Self Talk Hack For Traders

Can you hack your self talk to improve your trading?


Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all Tony Robbins on you… But master this skill and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results… Let’s talkselftalkWe’ve all been here.

“Why can’t I just stick to my rules”
“What a stupid trade”
“I can’t believe I missed that entry what an idiot”

You get the idea. Beating yourself up over mistakes or losing trades. Stop. This does way more damage than you realise. If you tell yourself something often enough you start to believe it.

That doesn’t mean I subscribe to the notion you can stand in front of a mirror for hours each day repeating “I am an 8-figure trader, I am an 8-figure trader” and it magically happens…

Of course not.

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But n
egative selftalk has a way of whipping up into a frenzy, it cascades into doomsday projections that simply aren’t true.

Positive selftalk on the other hand has a way of changing your state to one of confidence and certainty. Don’t believe me?  Try saying this:

You know what, you are actually a pretty good trader. There are some things to work on sure, but you’ve got a good foundation here to build on and if you keep moving forward who knows where you’ll be in a few months

Now I’m not a psychologist but I know this:

  • It’s third person (studies have shown this to be more effective than first person “I”)
  • It’s positive (Changes your state, your physiology and emotions)
  • It’s realistic (Honest yet optimistic is a good balance, full-fat lies won’t work)
  • It opens the door to big dreams and goals (Who knows where you could be…)

How does it feel saying that?

Do you feel a bit more confident, inspired, and motivated? Ok, so perhaps you’re not jumping out of your seat, ripping off your shirt, and punching the air…

But it’s a whole load better than the negative stuff. And over time that style of selftalk makes these tiny deposits into your confidence and optimism bank. Which build and build.

Giving you the right mindset to weather any storm and be brave enough to push hard when things are working.