Trader Training Vault Recordings

Each week our Zoom call revolves around a theme of the month. We go deep into specific topics and areas to uncover solutions to challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Members get full and immediate access to the prior recordings in the trader training vault.

Here is a selection of recordings currently in the vault.

Forging Discipline

Discipline is key to trading success. Forge yourself into a focused and disciplined trader

Good for: Discipline, sticking to rules

Mindset Training

Build a robust mindset and trade with confidence, construct resilience and discipline.

Good for: Mindset & Discipline

Key Trading Skills Mastery

Learn crucial trading skills for profitability and longevity in the markets.

Good for: Trading With Emotional Control

Fast Track Your Equity Curve

Develop essential skills to fast track your learning and equity curve.

Good for: Accelerated learning

Tactical Trading Techniques

Get the skills needed to sustain successful trading in all conditions.

Good for: Improving your skillset

Trade Management

Improve entires, exits, stops and trading win rate.

Good for: Fewer stop outs and bigger winners

Trading Strategy Deep Dive

Member trading strategies. Trade idea generation and trigger rules.

Good for: Strategy development

Trade Preparation & Planning

Construct a solid business plan, execute trades with clarity and confidence.

Good for: Building your trading business

Market Conditions Alignment

Improve your ability to choose the correct trading strategy for market conditions.

Good for: Implementing the right strategy

Price Action & Indicators

Complimenting a price action methodology with tools and indicators.

Good for: Creating a hybrid trading system

Special Guests

Special guest calls to expand your knowledge and learn new ways to improve.

Good for: Learning fresh ways to improve

Learning From Other Traders

Harness the ability to learn from other traders, learn, model and grow.

Good for: Fast tracking your learning curve

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