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Topics coming up in early 2022:

– Visualisation techniques for traders
– Building a new trading strategy from the ground up

Forging Discipline

Discipline is key to trading success. Forge yourself into a focused and disciplined trader

Good for: Discipline, sticking to rules

Mindset Training

Build a robust mindset and trade with confidence, construct resilience and discipline.

Good for: Mindset & Discipline

Key Trading Skills Mastery

Learn crucial trading skills for profitability and longevity in the markets.

Good for: Trading With Emotional Control

Fast Track Your Equity Curve

Develop essential skills to fast track your learning and equity curve.

Good for: Accelerated learning

Tactical Trading Techniques

Get the skills needed to sustain successful trading in all conditions.

Good for: Improving your skillset

Trade Management

Improve entires, exits, stops and trading win rate.

Good for: Fewer stop outs and bigger winners

Trading Strategy Deep Dive

Member trading strategies. Trade idea generation and trigger rules.

Good for: Strategy development

Trade Preparation & Planning

Construct a solid business plan, execute trades with clarity and confidence.

Good for: Building your trading business

Market Conditions Alignment

Improve your ability to choose the correct trading strategy for market conditions.

Good for: Implementing the right strategy

Price Action & Indicators

Complimenting a price action methodology with tools and indicators.

Good for: Creating a hybrid trading system

Special Guests

Special guest calls to expand your knowledge and learn new ways to improve.

Good for: Learning fresh ways to improve

Learning From Other Traders

Harness the ability to learn from other traders, learn, model and grow.

Good for: Fast tracking your learning curve

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