Trading Discipline

Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Performance

Improving Discipline

Discipline is the key to unlocking your full trading potential.”

-Van K. Tharp

But what does discipline mean to you? Not breaking rules? Trading like a robot?!

Discipline brings results in all areas of life and trading is no different. Want to get in shape? Eat the right foods in the right quantities and exercise more. Need to quit the drink or cigarettes? Constantly battling with that urge is the only way to break free from the habit.
Want to get some traction in your trading?

Do what you know needs to be done…

1. Stick to your rules
2. Put in the extra work
3. Don’t give into weakness and emotions in the trading day

Discipline in trading can bridge the gap between market knowledge and performance.

You know what needs to be done, you just aren’t doing it!

Today think about one thing you can focus on to improve your discipline. Identify that ‘thing’ that if you gave it 100% effort and fixed it, would literally change your trading results overnight.

Once you’ve got it, work on it relentlessly until you’ve cracked it.

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