Trading Mindset: Tips and Tricks for

Effective Goal Setting

Main Topic Notes

I’m a big fan of focusing on one thing at a time.

Trade setup, a specific market, a strategy. The laser focus helps you achieve what you want quicker, allowing you to move on to other important things.

I even talked about this from a health perspective in episode 41 when I didn’t really have a clear goal in the gym. But when I decided to focus on losing body fat first and then gaining muscle I got much closer to the physique I was looking for. 

Goal-setting (like journaling) can be overwhelming. You’re focusing on so many things that would be great to achieve but often end up getting none.

But what if this time you just made one simple goal and a handful of supporting goals?

One goal that you could constantly think about each day.

Something to flash into your mind constantly that keeps your decisions in the right alignment?

In this episode, I explore the concept of easy goal setting. An alternative way to attack what’s important to you this year.

Books mentioned:

Ed Mylett – The Power of One More