Trading Psychology: Are You Being Too Hard On Yourself?

Main Topic Notes

Negative self talk.

As traders, we can be really tough on ourselves.

We are driven, we want to succeed, and know we have it in us.

But sometimes when we make a trading mistake, our self talk can be so negative that it damages any chance to learn or grow.

Perhaps you need to be more disciplined and yes it is very frustrating that sometimes you can’t stick to your trading rules.

But harsh negative self talk isn’t the answer. (You know this, because you’ve tried it!)

Be firm, be driven, but learn to accept we are humans, we make mistakes and the goal is not to remove them but reduce and learn from them.

In this episode, I run through a multi-step process for flipping negative self talk.

Perfect for traders who are dancing that fine line between being driven and forgiving of mistakes.