Trading Psychology: Meeting Our Own Unreasonable Trading Demands

Main Topic Notes

Too often we put ourselves in almost impossible market conditions and demand we perform.

How many times have you reviewed a bad trading day only to think:

“WTF was I thinking even trading that?!”

You got sucked into chop, tried to force trades that weren’t there and paid the price…

So often we think that more discipline is the key. 

Whilst that’s true to some extent, many times we are demanding a flawless day trading performance in a choppy, directionless, low-volatility market.

In our desire to trade we neglect to identify poor trading conditions.

We try and trade those days like every other day only to get chopped up, frustrated or worse start breaking risk rules. 

This in turn sows seeds of doubt, wrecks confidence and affects future trade performance.

In this episode, I discuss tactics to ensure you are trading under the best possible conditions. 

Doing this not only gives you the best chance of growing your equity curve but allows you to improve your discipline and trading psychology in the right environment for traders.