Trading Success

Hidden in plain sight

The Positive Things

It’s too easy to look at your bottom line and think, “Grr, this isn’t working the way I want” so you scratch everything out and start again. New strategy; maybe a new timeframe and market. It’s easy to say “Nothing worked, move on” and repeat this process indefinitely.

But something did work… Perhaps it wasn’t the P&L you wanted.

But look deeper.

  • Maybe it was your pre-market routine. It worked because you stuck to it
  • Maybe your general trade idea for the day was right the majority of the time
  • Maybe your ability to be patient was positive
  • Maybe you’re good at getting that first impulse move but the market often reverses
  • Maybe you’re great at spotting short-term exhaustion.

Just because you didn’t make the profit you wanted from the market it doesn’t mean everything needs to be discarded.

Today, look at your previous trading through kind eyes.

Actively seek the good.

Note down some positives and bring those with you. The best traders work to their strengths; which let’s be honest aren’t always what we want them to be! But we work with what we’ve got.

It’s a tough exercise and doesn’t come naturally to perfectionists like you…(Am I right?!) but often that’s where the growth is.

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Identifying Your Strengths

Take a look at this link.

Scroll down to the table titled “How to identify your personal strengths? A summary”

This is a work-related article but look at it through the lens of trading and related skills.