Trading Tools

With Traders Mastermind membership you get unlimited access to our suite of proprietary tools and software to help you make better trading decisions.

From custom-built Trading View indicators for more precise trade entries to Trading View strategies to help easily backtest and visualise setups on the charts for yourself.

Members get access to everything we build.

Plus you’ll also get access to our very latest custom-built trading plan software called Trading Plan Pro.

A web app designed to help you keep a library of trading strategies, stay disciplined and construct a trading plan you’ll actually stick to.

Trading View Indicators and Strategies

These tools are built from scratch, using our multi step development process.

We ask…

What current recurring themes and market patterns have a positive edge? 

How can we turn those into indicators or strategies to help support trading decisions and testing?

Then our traders work with our developers to create the tool.

We test and constantly improve tools with updated versions.

These are all unique and custom built, you won’t find these anywhere else.

Amber Ultra Scalp

A tool to help you identify exhaustion moves on a lower time frames.
This indicator assesses typical exhaustion markers such as:

  1. Position in trading range
  2. Range of the bar
  3. Overbought or oversold conditions

Then highlights potential reversals on the chart.

Time Trend Tactical Analyser

A Trading View tool to help test simple time of day based trading strategies.

Ever wondered what happens if you buy at 2pm and sell at 3pm?
You can test that.

How about just on Fridays, or all days except Monday?

You can test that too.

Simply enter you parameters and instantly see the results in the Trading View strategy tab.

Included in your membership.

Opening Range Breakout Engine v 3.0

One of our most famous and popular tools. 

The engine allows you to test and deploy the opening range breakout trading strategy using a variety of user-selected variables.

This tool compliments the Opening Range Breakout Course.

Discipline Tracker v 2.0

Not a Trading View tool… this Google Sheets download lets you easily track your trading discipline.

Log the habits important to you and check them off each day.

  • Visualise your progress
  • Track your trading habits
  • Take charge of your trading discipline
  • Improve month to month

New and updated version.

Exchange Eye

Exchange eye is designed to help forex traders identify the different forex time zones quickly and easily on the chart.

  • London session
  • New York session
  • Tokyo session

Customise to suit your requirements. Can also be adapted for index traders.

Trading Plan Pro

Premium Trading Strategy & Plan Generation

Stick to your trading plan and trading rules. Discover new trading strategies.
Unlock confidence, clarity and consistency, eliminate overtrading.

Included as part of your membership.

Create A Trading Plan You'll Finally Stick To!

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