You know you are being tested right?

Trading is going to test you and you better be ready

The Tests

Trading is going to test youYou can’t hide from it. You can’t get around it. The market is going to try its very best to get you on tilt. Annoy youFrustrate youMake you doubt.

  • Price will trade a tick away from your limit to exit and then reverse hard
  • Your stop will be taken out, only to rip in the direction you thought
  • The moment you give up trying to trade a breakout the market will move
  • You’ll have a choice of two markets to trade and will choose the wrong one that day
  • Walk away = Market trades cleanly between levels. Stay = Choppy mess

It’s just the law of the market. But here’s the trick.

Say thank you.

Thank you for testing me, and hardening me to these situations.

Forming a level of fortitude and resilience that only being immersed in the emotion of these situations can deliver.

Thank you for showing me the way to differentiate my thinking from the crowd.

Keep ‘em coming.

Test me again and again, until the tests become a walk in the park.

Then nothing can stop you

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